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When I realised that the Lord wanted us (my wife, Irene, and I) to step out “on my own” and live by faith from the summer of 2008, one thing I needed was a website so that people could be informed about what I am doing.

After prayerful consideration we decided upon the name Biblical Foundations.  This is a very apt name as it reflects what we both believe – that the whole of scripture is the inerrant Word of God and is the necessary firm foundation upon which we should build our lives.  Also, the Lord Jesus Christ is the foundation for our faith and the sure Rock on whom we stand.  All authority in heaven and earth is given to Him and through Him alone can we have salvation and forgiveness of sins.

This is not a new creation organisation; rather Biblical Foundations is just the banner name for my ministry as I think this is more acceptable than having a website called by my own name.  I want attention to be drawn to the Lord and His Word rather than to me – a mere man.  Although I intend to still have the main focus of my ministry on the Creation message, I will also be writing and speaking about other areas of biblical teaching.

With Irene’s help I want to spend my time travelling the length and breadth of the British Isles preaching and teaching from the whole of the Bible and showing that it is wholly trustworthy and that it is the firm foundation of our faith.  We will be working from home.  Irene will help me and will do all the work of co-ordinating the meetings, while I will concentrate on writing and speaking.
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