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Ida - the subject of an orchestrated media campaign of hype
Who or what is Ida?  She is the fossilised remains of a young female lemur-like monkey.  She is 95% complete and you can even see her fur which has been fossilised.  When she was alive, she would have been 1’ 9’’ tall with a tail making her 3ft long. 
God's Designer Label
 Women, in particular, are often accused of spending too much money on buying clothes and having far too many clothes in their bulging wardrobes.  It was not always like this. When God first created Adam and Eve they were both naked and had no need of any wardrobe or clothes chest. 
The Book of Genesis: The Foundation of our Faith

Monty has a new DVD available.  It is entitled "The Book of Genesis: The Foundation of our Faith"

Darwin Big Idea

Darwin Big Idea Big Exhibition

On Thursday 15th January 2009, Monty and I travelled to London so that we could visit the Darwin Big Idea Big Exhibition in the Natural History Museum.

The first thing we noticed when we entered the Museum was that the large white marble statue of Charles Darwin was taking centre stage at the head of the staircase in the main entrance hall -


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